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In-ground Pools Only
Bob's Pool Service specializes in repairs and maintenance of in-ground swimming pools.  Sorry but we do not offer any service for above ground pools.
Liner Replacements
We offer installed liners for any size or shape for in-ground swimming pools.  Every liner is custom measured to insure a proper fit.  There are many styles and prints to choose from. We have an entire page dedicated to liners and have put some of our patterns online for browsing.
Winterizing and Summerizing
Protecting your investment from potential damage caused by freezing temperatures is one of the most important things a pool owner can do. We will professionally open or close your pool to guarantee it is done properly.
Leak Detection and Underwater Repairs
We provide expert leak detection services.   Pressure testing of underground piping and underwater liner repairs are just a few of the things we do to detect leaks.  We have a certified diver on our staff at all times.
Underground Pipe Replacement
Using diamond tipped saws and only the best materials, we can replace any leaking underground piping.  Concrete around the pool?   Not a problem.  We strive to do the neatest job possible and leave your yard the way we found it before we started.  Click here to see  before and after photographs of a skimmer pipe replacement.
Liner Conversions and Renovations
In many cases an old leaking cement pool can be converted to accept a vinyl liner.  We also renovate old pools and by installing new aluminum coping and removing the old vinyl and wood. This not only improves the appearance, but also creates a good strong receptor to install the new liner into. Click here to see a photo series of a Dream Pool renovation.
Safety Covers
Not only do they provide safety in the event someone should fall onto the cover, but safety covers also make winter maintenance easier and improve the appearance of the pool during the winter months.  Pumping water off the cover  isn't necessary anymore and safety covers  have added benefits of keeping more water in the pool over the winter months. This is one more type of insurance that will keep your pool's structure safe over hard icy winters.    I've also dedicated a separate section to safety covers.  Jump to the covers section by clicking here, or use the navigational links below.
Pumps, Filters, etc
In addition to major repairs, we also service pool accessories.  Sometimes we can even solve  minor pool problems over the phone. (insufficient backwashing is one of the number one culprits)  Never hesitate to call with any questions regarding your in-ground swimming pool.
Converting My Pool To a Salt Water System
We get asked this question a lot by our customers.  Saltwater systems are the solution of the future for swimming pool sanitation and we're experts on the subject. Proper initial setup and installation are crucial to how well any salt system will work. Not only do we want the system to keep your pool's water clean but we also take steps to insure the saltwater does not damage any of your pool's equipment. Give us a call if you'd like to setup an appointment to evaluate your pool for such a conversion or if you have any questions regarding this new technology.

Buying a new home with an in-ground swimming pool? You may want to consider having it professionally inspected by Bob's Pool Service.  Relying on over 20 years of experience in the pool repair business, we've seen and fixed it all. While many home inspections may include the pool, rarely do they offer the thoroughness a dedicated pool inspection will provide. Outlined below are three levels of inspections Bob's Pool Service offers.

Level 1 - Basic Inspection
While this is our most economical inspection, it still provides a wealth of information about the pool. Items included in this are the following if applicable:

  • assessment of pool's structural integrity
  • pool's interior surface, walls and floor
  • surrounding cement or decking
  • coping/liner receptor
  • vinyl liner
  • filter, pump, chlorinator and above ground plumbing
  • skimmers, return and suction fittings
  • heater
  • dive stand and board, slides
  • ladders, handrails and steps
  • lighting (without underwater light removal from niche)
  • perimeter fencing and locks
  • additional comments

Level 2 - Preferred Inspection
Often the biggest problems are not visible on the surface. This inspection includes all of level one plus pressure testing the underground piping which can reveal problems not otherwise detectable. Items included in this are the following if applicable:

  • complete level 1 inspection
  • pressure testing of return and suction pipes (not including main drains or inaccessible pipes requiring services of our divers)*

Please note this inspection requires written permission from the current property owner because it involves disassembly of the pool's plumbing to perform the pressure test.

Level 3 - Premium inspection
This is by far the most comprehensive and thorough inspection we offer. Using a certified professional diver we're capable of not only checking your pool from the surface but also getting inside and doing an underwater inspection. Many things may be revealed this way which would otherwise be impossible to find using conventional methods. Items included in this are the following if applicable:

  • complete level 1 and 2 inspections
  • pressure testing of all testable pipes including main drains
  • removal of underwater pool light, inspection of containing niche
  • complete underwater inspection of liner**
  • complete underwater inspection of pool floor and walls**
  • underwater photographs if photo summary add on is also chosen

Photo Summary Add On
A photo summary may be added to any of the above inspections. This helps to clearly depict the overall condition of the pool with emphasis on items in need of repair. With a level 3 inspection this includes underwater photographs if necessary. Click here to see some pictures of what we uncovered on a typical pool inspection.

*Permission of the home owner is required if pipe(s) need to be cut to allow pressure testing. In some instances old fittings need to be removed to allow proper sealing for a pressure test, in rare cases a seized fitting may be broken during removal.
** Pool water must be clean to allow this portion of the inspection.


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