Photos Taken at a Typical Pool Inspection

Overall view of the pool. From the distance this pool appears to be in reasonable condition.


Sealing putty placed around skimmer's faceplate, the skimmer is also tilting back and is not level anymore


View of aluminum coping detached from top plate. This is occurring because the wood below is rotted and the screws no longer hold properly.


Wrinkles in the hopper end of pool due to an incorrectly fitted liner. Such a poor fit may cause premature wearing of the liner from devices such as an automatic vacuum.


Filter and pump, note several couplings patching flex hose together.


Taped wires going into the pump motor, they should be encased properly in conduit. This is not only an operational concern but a safety one as well.


The pump is not grounded, detail of grounding lug with no ground wire attached, yet another safety concern and code violation.


Corner separation of coping pieces. Also the trim strips are not intact.


Detailed view of rotted wood underneath the coping.


Another view showing the rotted main studs of the pool walls with the nails clearly visible. This is a serious structural problem.


Broken ladder socket with missing anchor wedges.


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