Not All Safety Covers Are Created Equal

At first glance, most safety covers look quite similar but upon closer inspection this couldn't be farther from the truth. While the initial cost may be lower on some budget covers, you truly do get what you pay for in terms of longevity and reliability. We strongly recommend solid or advanced mesh covers over inferior budget mesh designs.  With these covers not only do you get the benefits of safety and ease of maintenance, but your pool also opens much cleaner than with a lesser quality cover.  Many dealers won't tell you this but we believe in establishing lasting relationships with our customers and a green pool is no way to start. Cheaper covers in the end actually wind up costing more and there's nothing worse than a dissatisfied customer in our opinion.

"Rub Through" on inferior
quality cover, only 1 season old.

A Good Investment in More Ways Than One
Compared to traditional "tarp" type covers, Safety Covers are a longer lasting investment. The materials and construction of them are much heavier and more durable.  Over the years a safety cover may actually cost less than replacing water bags and cheaper covers not to mention the cost of a saved life should someone fall into the closed pool.
Proper Installation is Important
Because proper installation is so important, we price all of our safety covers installed. We measure your pool precisely and have each cover made to our specifications. Upon installation we use quality rotary hammers with carbide tipped cutters to drill the concrete.  We can also provide installations for brick pavers, wood, or just about anything.  Below are some photos of a Loop-Loc installation. Click on the images for a larger picture.

Drilling the pavers Drilling the brick pavers to accept
the anchors

Anchors prepared to be set Anchors in Place

Installed Cover

Ready for the winter


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